Political Turmoil – Pray for the People of Mali

201805 - Abel & Naomie Sagara and baby

Pastor Abel & Naomie Sagara

Malians need prayer. Malian Christians, specifically need prayer. Malian pastors may need even more prayer.

Fox News – French Forces Kill at Least 30 Extremists in Central Mali

Al Jazzeera – Mali Senior Member JNIM Amadou Koufa Kill in French Raid

Have you followed the news about the advance of the jihadists in Mali. I don’t claim to know all the background of this problem. This what I know. Mali is in political turmoil.

The jihadists in Mali (and across West Africa) go by several names: Fulani nomadic shephards, the Peul, the Wolof, etc. There are several radical Islamic groups which would qualify as Jihadist. One is the IRIN and the other big group is the “Jama’at Nusrat al-Islam wal-Muslimin” or NJIM.  This particular group is at the center of controversy right now. The leader of the NJIM is (now I should say, was) Amadou Koufa. Back in 2015, after the Tuareg rebellion up in northern Mali and the French army intervened to stop them, the Tuareg signed a Peace Deal with Mali President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita (he goes by IBK) A year ago, Amadou Koufa, as leader of the NJIM, signed a Peace Accord with IBK.  It was hoped that this would revive the Peace Deal signed in 2015. But alas …

During this last year, Amadou Koufa acknowleged his allegiance to Al-Qaeda and the hopes for a revived Peace Accord were shattered. Jihadists groups continued to capture and control towns and villages across central Mali. It became more and more violent. Life was becoming more and more difficult, to say the least, for Malians living in this region, the Mopti region. There were brutal killings, massacres in many of the villages that the Jihadists conquered. Generally, if the men didn’t join their army, they were killed. I was told that they often slit throats!  Wives were sometimes raped.

This is why France stepped in again, as they had done with the Tuareg rebellion in 2015. One of their primary objectives was to capture or kill Amadou Koufa. They succeeded at killing Amadou. The Jihadist groups, IRIN and NJIM (more NJIM) protested, saying that the French troops should not be credited for the killing of Amadou.

The battle is far from over. It will sadly just get worse. Over these many months, even years, so many villages in the Mopti region have been destroyed. So many wives are without husbands, children without a father. Scores of Christians have been killed. Many pastors have been killed. Some Christian churches have gone “underground.” How can the Malians survive? With so many men killed, how will they farm and provide food for their families? There is almost always a shortage of water, leading to a shortage of food.

Praise International has sponsored only 2 pastors in this region: Pastor Abel & Naomie Sagara and Pastor Jeremy & Jemima Guindo. Thank the Lord that their lives have been spared so far, but they and their families are in great danger (like the other Malians in the Mopti Region). These pastors are both professors in a Bible School around the Dogon region, south of Mopti, the biggest city in the region with a population of approx. 114,000.

Thank you for praying for the people of Mali.

Jeremie Guindo family

Pastor Jeremy & Jemima Guindo

Mali: Worst Crisis Since 1960

Due to the political turmoil, riots, fighting, bombs, etc., in Bamako and all over Mali, several embassies, including the American Embassy, have closed down.  A great deal of western foreigners, including missionaries and business men, have been evacuated.  Mali needs our prayers.  Malian people need our prayer right now.  Malian Christians need our prayers at this very mment. Our Praise pastors need your prayers more than ever!

This is Mali’s worst crisis since Mali’s Independence in 1960!

Muslims dominate northern Mali. The Tuareg are extremist muslims who are imposing Shariah law on all women in the north. This has lead to violent attacks upon the Christians in this region, raping Christian women, burning churches, brutal massacres , etc.

Mali’s military coup may point to wider problems.

Please pray for Mali every day.  Praise Internatinal is still raise funds for Mali’s Food Crisis. Please consider sending a generous contribution to Praise International, P.O. Box 927, Caldwell, ID 83606.  Earmark your gift, Project Pharaoh’s Dream.

Thanks for praying for Mali.

Extreme Persecution of Evangelical Church in Northern Mali

The AGEMPEM, an association that brings together all the evangelical churches and missions in Mali, had an emergency meeting to discuss the extremely disasterous situation in the North Mali.  A special crisis commitee was appointed to deal with this situation. They made an official statement in French that I want to summarize in English.

Horrendous crimes are being committed against the population: searching out Christians, maccacres, rapes, enforcing the shariah law, etc.  All the churches in Gao and Timbuktu have been destroyed. All the Believers are trying to flee to southern Mali, abandonning all their belongings.

The commitee is making an appeal for Christians everywhere to join together in solidarity behind those who are suffering and to help in any way possible. The churches in the regions of Gao and Timbuktu are filled hunbreds with refugees, from little children to the elderly, who seriously need our help. There is a great need of funds, of grain, of clothing. The AGEMPEM says that all gifts may be addressed to the commitee treasurer, Jean Pierre Doumbia, whose telephone number in Mali is (223) , or to the assistant treasure, Emmanuel Keita (223)  The AGEPPEM Crisis Commitee will handle the funds and will provide periodic financial reports for those who give.

For those who would prefer to give through the auspices of Praise International, please write me a message.  I need to speak with our leaders in West Africa and see how Praise would handle this.

The committee closes the letter with Matthew 25:35-36, where Jesus asks us to show compassion to the hurting, for in so doing we are doing it unto Him,  “I was hungry, and ye gave me to eat; I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink; I was a stranger, and ye took me in; naked, and ye clothed me; I was sick, and ye visited me; I was in prison, and ye came unto me.”

Please make the serious situation in Mali a priority in your prayers and consider how you can help.

Things Getting Worse in Mali?

Things are getting worse in Mali.

Are you aware of the extremely dangerous and difficult situation in Mali? The Malian people are suffering already from the drought and food shortage, thousands leaving their own country for fear and for survival, only to find it no better t…han where they came from.  Now, the escalating military turmoil, the rebel soldiers who took control of the country a couple weeks ago, the fighting between Government forces and Tuareg rebels in the Timbuktu region in northern Mali.  Let pray the God would intervene, bring peaceful resolution to these problems. Please pray for the Malian people, for their safety and health.