Providing for Widows and Orphans.


In Mali: Orphans and Widows in Need

This is not Douna. We are still waiting for the outcome in Douna. This is another village in the same vicinity, in the Mopti region. Jihad terrorists rushed into their village, shooting and setting houses on fire. Many men were killed, leaving children and wives behind. They lost everything. The local church is trying to take care of these orphaned children and women without a husband. They’re in shock. They are grieving. There is not enough food, nor warm clothing. (This is a cooler rainy season in Mali.) They seriously need our help.

If God puts it upon your heart to help, please send your check to the address below, earmark it, Orphans/widows. Thank you sincerely.

Please Pray for the People of Mali

The New York Times article below reinforces that fact that the people of Mali need our fervent prayer. I highlighted one phrase: “Since the deployment of the United Nations peacekeeping forces in Mali 2013, nearly 200 troops have been killed, making it the most dangerous peacekeeping mission in the world.” Thank you sincerely for your fervent prayers for the people of Mali.