MALI: Village Chief Dies


Your Donation to Refugees in Moldova

Donors very generously gave $15000 to help Moldovan Christians help the over 400,000 Ukrainian refugees who flooded into Moldova from the Ukraine. Pastor Sergiu Rutcovschi is our Praise Representative in Moldova. He is the one who dispersed the $15,000 where it was needed. I received this letter today. It is actually his second letter explaining how the money was used.

Thank you so much for your compassion and generosity.

Thanks again for your contribution to this very worthy project.

Presently we are still raising funds for a project in Bucharest conducted by the Baptist churches to purchase humanitarian relief supplies for the Ukrainians in the Ukraine and ship them directly to the Ukraine via a truck convoy. We would like to send enough funds to fill at least one truck with relief supplies. A truck-load will cost about $10,000. The fuel to drive from Bucharest to Ukraine is about $500. If God has enabled you to help, please send you gifts to: Praise International, PO Box 927, Caldwell, ID 83606. Designated the gift to, Ukrainians. Thank you in advance.

Fill a Truck for Ukrainians

Praise International works with pastors in Romania. The denomination is filling trucks with essential emergency supplies and sending them directly from Bucharest to Chernivtsi in Ukraine. Praise International wants to fill one truck (or more) to help innocent, homeless Ukrainians. Will you help us fill a truck?

Please send all gifts, large or small, to: P.O. Box 927 Caldwell Idaho 83606 or by PayPal at: Earmark your gift, Humanitarian Convoy.

THANK YOU sincerely in advance for helping us in this Extremely Good Cause and this is all for God’s Glory.