Russian Pastors

Let’s remember to pray for the people of Russia.  There is officially the freedom of religion, and yet in reality, if one is not Orthodox, life will be purposefully made more difficult for him.  Evangelical Christians comprise about 1.2 % of the population in Russia.  The Russian Orthodox Church weilds a big influence.  Ardent Orthodox church members put the heat on Russians who are not orthodox, particularly those who are evangelical Christians.

Mission Network News has a very interesting on the state of religious freedom in Russia. 

Operation World is a great source for how to pray more specifically for Russia.

Praise International has two Country Leaders in Russian.  Each of them have group of pastors whom Praise supports.

Nikolay Sobolev

Pastor Nikolay Sobolev, one of Praise's Country Leaders


Anatoly Svistunov, Victor Denisyuk, Sergey Krivashee, Andrey Korotchenko, Vladimir Zverev, Yuri Borodin, Viktor Velichko, Dmitri Velitchko, Pavel Musnitskiy, Vladimir Farzali, Nikolay Nasonov, Nikolay Molchanov, Viktor  Ivanov, Pavel Ponomarev, Alexander Astakhov, Leonid Popov, Viktor Lukashev, Sergey Kalishnikov, Alexander Sendetskiy, Gennadiy Rogotovskiy, Boris Tsygankov, Zuri Storozhev, Grigoriy Federov, Yuri Zhuravlev, Mikhail Malikov, Nikolay Katko, Vitaly Kunitsa



Pastor Anatoly and Vera Yarmoljuk Pastor Anatoly is one of Praise's Country Leaders in Russia.



Anatoly Yarmoljuk

Pavel Litvonov, Vadim Mikhalin, Anatoli Alipichev, Viktor Erasov, Shevnin Vladmir, Raphael Atikov, Alexei Silkin, Sergei Stephanov

Please pray for our Praise pastors in Russia, for their families, and pray for the people of Russia, that God would pour out His Grace upon them.