Another prayer request

For Carol Carlyle – works with a sister ministry.  She provided invaluable help to us in planning the details of the East Africa trip.

I have 8 inoperable Thorsic spinal cysts in my back, which we think is caused perhaps by some rare parasites from when I came home sick from the mission field a few years ago. Since August of last year I have been in daily pain and unable to travel back to Africa, because I have been in and out of the hospital. We are praying for the correct medicine and procedures and divine healing to clear this up and get me back in the mission field. In the mean time we are becoming help mates of other missionaries, like we have with Jim, to help those we love in the mission field to be cared for even during our absence.

God is teaching me to share my loved ones and let others help them in even more powerful ways than I could. It truly is amazing the impact Praise International is having in these pastors’ lives and families. WOW! We are so very grateful for your ministry.


Prayer requests

Little Richard (a burn victim rescued from the refugee camps in Northern Uganda 4 years ago who lives with one of our pastors) has a severe eye infection. Because of the scar tissue his eye doesn’t close, so please pray for healing and funds for the medicine he needs.

East Africa Team:
Ministering in Rwanda this week. Pray for safety, wisdom, God-connections, encouragement for our pastors there.

Prayer requests

Over the next 2 weeks we are going to have a mission in 4 villages. A team is here from America teaching computer classes to children. Please join us in prayer for all those who will attend the courses. The gospel will also be presented to them and we pray that they will open their hearts and minds and accept Jesus into their lives.

E. Africa
Pray for our team traveling to Rwanda tomorrow.