A boost for a children’s home and community of people struggling with Leprosy

Exciting news to report! Palmcroft Baptist Church in Phoenix, AZ has informed Praise International that they are going to be sending $35,000 to finance the construction of a Home to house 40 children in Digos, Mindanao, Philippines. Also they are going to be sending $30, 000 to build 10 duplexes in Salur, India for a community that is working with people struggling with Leprosy.

What an amazing gift, and what an amazing God we serve.


A change in fees

August 5, 2008

Dear Friend of Praise International

  I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks as well as the thanks from all of the pastors receiving financial assistance from you their faithful supporters.

Without your faithfulness and generosity  many called servants of the Lord would, by necessity, be required to seek full-time employment to meet the needs of their family obligations.

As I travel around the world, I’m amazed at how these faithful workers of the kingdom accomplished so much with so little.

To that end, I would propose a restructure of the financial assistance you  provide.  We at Praise International are requesting that monthly assistance be increased from $25 per month to $30 per month in the majority of the countries that we provide assistance. Due to higher costs in Eastern Europe, we are requesting that support the increase from $50 per month to $60 per month.

I think we can all agree that $1-$2 a day is one of the best investments we can possiblymake for the future of the kingdom.  

 I look forward with great anticipation to see what the Lord will continue to do through Praise International and your faithful support in the future.

 Serving Him Together,


Report from the Philippines and India July 08

Pastor Jim Bull and I were in the Philippines and India, during the last part of June and the first part of July. It was so exciting to see what God has been up to with these Praise pastors. The conference we spoke at had approximately 175 pastors attending.   Pastor Levi Adrales  is our lead pastor and contact there in Mindanao. We currently assist 147 pastors and Levi provides oversight. He and his wife have taken 12 children into their home and provide for them. I have established a project to construct a children’s home there and we are going to need to raise approximately $40,000. 

John Nanda, our lead pastor and contact in India provides oversight for about 65 churches and we also assist all of them financially. We had approximately 175 pastors  attend a conference there in Vishakhatpnam. The scope of the ministry  there   includes a leprosy colony, several tribal churches, the Waggoner  children’s home that currently has  42 children,  and various other ministry assistance projects. While there pastor Jim Bull of Palmcroft Baptist in Phoenix was able to participate in the dedication of two churches that Palmcroft provided funds for.

What an exciting time we had there, worshipping with God’s people. God is working in our world and there is much gratitude for all that has been given by those who support the work of Praise International.